Electrolytic Nickel

Nickel is the widest used electroplated coating with a myriad of functional and decorative applications. Bright Nickel is often used in the automotive, electrical, appliance and hardware industries with one of its most important functions being that of an undercoat for Chrome. In heavy deposits it will smooth out a base metal and offer significant corrosion protection.

Nickel is also used for engineering purposes where brightness is not a concern. Pure, unbrightened nickel is often used as a barrier coat for subsequent plated finishes. Sulfamate nickel produces a 99.9% pure nickel deposit that is minimally stressed making it an excellent choice for parts that will be flexed, bent or crimped. It is the recommended choice as an underplate for lead-frames, interconnect pins, and glass-to-metal or ceramic-to-metal seals.

Nickel also has a high melting temperature of 2647F (1452C) so it’s widely used in high temperature applications.

Specified standards are typically AMS-QQ-N-290, ASTM B689, AMS 2403, and Mil-P-27418