Passivation Services at Precision Engineered Products

The passivation specialists at PEP General Metal Finishing understand the complexities involved in specific industries and are always ready to recommend the proper level and process of passivation based on the requirements of their customers.

Although passivation is a natural process, free iron, dirt and other contaminants from the shop and tools where the steel is being machined are almost always transferred to the steel while it is being worked on. This contamination reduces the effectiveness of the natural passivation to protect the steel from corrosion. That’s where the passivation services of an experienced metal finishing company like PEP General Metal Finishing are required.

Passivation Services are Necessary When Working with Stainless Steel

When a fresh stainless steel part is machined or polished, it naturally acquires a thin coating of oxide once it is exposed to oxygen. This passive (non-reactive) oxide layer protects the steel from corrosion and is also the reason that steel is considered to be stainless.

Enhancing the Ability of Steel to Resist Corrosion

When a passivation procedure is performed, the steel will be treated with specific chemicals to accomplish two goals: clean the steel to make sure it is free of elemental iron and passivate the steel by using chemicals to help encourage the formation of an oxide film which will help protect the steel from corrosion.

During the passivation process at Precision Engineered Products, the steel’s surface is cleansed of any free iron which will cause the steel to oxidize and rust. The protective layer created by the chemical treatment ensures that no other sources of free iron will penetrate the barrier surface and rust the steel. Electropolishing is a method of treating the stainless steel to allow passivation. Metal finishing experts, like our skilled professionals at PEP General Metal Finishing, work on the passivation process for various industries on a daily basis.

Levels of Passivation are Dependant on the Needs of the Client

There are different levels of passivation. Some steel products require greater resistance to oxidation. Many passivation experts treat steel using ultrasonic generators. This is done when delicate, hygienic pieces are being treated, such as dental and medical instruments. These would require special passivation services.

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