On The Road Again…and Again…with Precious Metal Specification Plating

PEP’s world-class precious metal specification plating services travel
wherever adherence to the toughest functional requirements is essential.

GMF Delivery

On The Road Again…and Again: “New England’s leading specification plating source delivering high reliability precious metal and other plating services to the consumer electronics, telecommunications, aerospace & defense and medical device manufacturing industries, frequently with no more than a day’s notice”

Those living in the Northeast United States may have seen PEP General Metal Finishing trucks traveling the highways of New England.  They are picking up and delivering components requiring precious metal specification plating, frequently with no more than a day’s notice. That’s because the bulk of our customer base is located in the Northeast United States to serve its robust consumer electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and medical device manufacturing sectors.

However, demanding customers in Amsterdam, Israel, California and China have also come to rely on PEP’s consistent adherence to the world’s toughest standards (which include NADCAP, MIL SPEC, ASTM and AMS), as well as unique standards developed by the customers’ engineering departments. For example, an accelerated aging salt bath tests for electronic components used primarily in undersea applications.

Sometimes customers invite PEP to travel not just to their loading docks, but also to their plants to observe their manufacturing processes and suggest plating processes improvements that could make their manufacturing more effective. In one instance PEP engineers observed labor-intensive manual deburring processes going on that could be replaced by chemical deburring. The customer took us up on our recommendation and has reaped considerable labor and time -savings.

Even more rewarding are the times when customers invite PEP inside their minds to give performance and manufacturability feedback on their latest design. For instance, when PEP engineers learn that shelf life is very important for a silver plated component, they are likely to propose an anti-tarnish coating as part of the plating process.

Will a gold-plated component be subjected to strong insertion forces? Then pre-plating alternatives might be in order. Will the component be subjected to numerous sliding actions? Then PEP engineers might suggest the use of a hardening agent that reduces the gold’s purity by only a fraction of a percent but doubles its hardness.  These are the types of recommendations that PEP specification plating engineers make on a daily basis so that specification-plating processes can be precisely dialed into the customers’ functional and manufacturability requirements.

Electronic components travel through many stages before they arrive at functional plating, the last stop before assembly. At this point a great deal of value has been added, so high specification-plating yields are of the utmost importance. At any given time 400-500 jobs are being moved through tightly controlled, scalable, specification plating processes at PEP. Precious metal specification-plating yields are consistently 99+%.

To learn more about how Precision Engineered Products precious metal specification plating services could make a difference to your next project, call PEP’s Marketing Coordinator Kim Madden at (508) 226-5600 Ext. 13 (kmadden@pep-corp.com). She’ll put you in touch with one of our Integrated Solutions Coordinators.