Common Specifications for Tin Lead Plating

Electroplating is a common metal treatment for a variety of industries, and most times these industries have specifications that must be followed. Tin Lead Plating is a fairly common form of electroplating, and there are two basic specifications that are often referenced: the ASTM B579 specification and the MIL-P-81728 Specification. PEP General Metal Finishing can, of course, perform tin lead electroplating to either of these specifications. About Tin Lead Plating Tin-Lead plating is used often in the electronics industry and has a fair degree of popularity due to its combination of effectiveness and affordability. Pieces with a plating of tin […]

On The Road Again…and Again…with Precious Metal Specification Plating

PEP’s world-class precious metal specification plating services travel wherever adherence to the toughest functional requirements is essential. Those living in the Northeast United States may have seen PEP General Metal Finishing trucks traveling the highways of New England.  They are picking up and delivering components requiring precious metal specification plating, frequently with no more than a day’s notice. That’s because the bulk of our customer base is located in the Northeast United States to serve its robust consumer electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and medical device manufacturing sectors. However, demanding customers in Amsterdam, Israel, California and China have also come to rely on […]

Electroplating: A Brief History

Electroplating involves coating the specific metal object with a minute layer, often times in millionths of an inch, of another type of metal. The object of electroplating can be twofold: To make the item look better; this is certainly the intent of electroplating of decorative pieces such as trays or jewelry To change the functional nature of the base metal being plated, such as to prevent or reduce corrosion, enable soldering and wire-bonding, or to increase conductivity. This is the goal of the work performed by our company, PEP General Metal Finishing. It is a job we engage with the […]

Passivation Services at Precision Engineered Products

The passivation specialists at PEP General Metal Finishing understand the complexities involved in specific industries and are always ready to recommend the proper level and process of passivation based on the requirements of their customers. Although passivation is a natural process, free iron, dirt and other contaminants from the shop and tools where the steel is being machined are almost always transferred to the steel while it is being worked on. This contamination reduces the effectiveness of the natural passivation to protect the steel from corrosion. That’s where the passivation services of an experienced metal finishing company like PEP General […]

Nickel Plating: The Basics

Nickel Plating, or nickel electroplate, is one of the oldest forms of protective and decorative electro-deposited procedures involving metallic coatings. It is frequently used on base metals to provide corrosion protection and improve the appearance of the items treated. Today the process has become increasingly implemented on a variety of products from decorative applications to high reliability electronic components. What Metals Commonly Receive Nickel Plating? Most base metals can, and are, nickel plated. Typical metals would include all types of steels, copper alloys, nickel-iron alloys, and refractory metals like molybdenum, copper-molybedenum, and copper-tungsten. Nickel plating is commonly employed by PEP […]

Electropolishing – The Metal Treatment That Defies All Logic

If you were to ask someone how to make a metal object more corrosion resistant, they would probably say something like “Add a coating,” or “Electroplate it.” They probably wouldn’t say “Strip some metal off of it.” This, however, is exactly what PEP General Metal Finishing provides – a process called electropolishing that strips metal. It is a complicated but beneficial process that can be applied to a number of different products. What is Electropolishing The electropolishing process is electrochemical in nature and involves removing microscopic amounts of iron from the surface of a stainless steel object. This removal smoothes […]

Do your products push the performance envelope?

PEP General Metal Finishing customers manufacture products for some of the world’s most critical applications – from aerospace and defense systems to advanced surgical technology. The specification plating solutions we offer our these customers go beyond plating to current MIL-STD and ASTM requirements. We share our engineering insights to help them improve their device performance, material costs and product manufacturability. Learn about our partnership with one industrial device manufacturer in Beyond Specification Plating.

Beyond Specification Plating

Industrial device manufacturer achieves cost-performance advantages by partnering with GMF General Metal Finishing takes pride in being able to establish plating processes that meet today’s most stringent standard specifications, but that is not the end of it. We have some customers whose device performance requirements extend beyond even what MIL-STD, ASTM, and other standards require. They are pushing the envelope of their devices’ performance and we are helping them by developing plating performance protocols that result in even higher levels of plating coverage and consistency. For example, for the past several years we have been working with an industrial device […]